Technology Funded & Programs Initiated by the FHEF

Since its founding, the Education Foundation has delivered on its commitment to helping our elementary school students. Our combination of fund-raising, generous support and savvy procurement has enabled us to accomplish the following major programs:

2008 - $55,000  Wireless Networks and SMART boards in classrooms

2011 - $19,000   40 Laptops and Charging Stations

2012 - $41,500   Wireless Microphones for Knollwood All Purpose Room Stage; iPads, Cases and Apps for 8th Grade Students & Faculty 

2014 - $28,000   Chromebooks for PARCC state testing ; Teachers Needing Technology (TNT) Grant Program

2016-2017  Installed electric to Knollwood and Sickles greenhouses; partially funded the Zspace curriculum; purchased teacher laptops;  chromebooks, iPads and iPad charging station; reinstated the 7th Grade Grant program

2018 Purchased 2 Promethian Boards $6,200; 2 Microscope $1,400; Indoor Tower Garden $2,100 for Sickles & Knollwood; purchased chromebooks; iPads for art & music

In addition, the Foundation has awarded over $8,000 in Technology Scholarships for graduating Fair Haven students demonstrating interest and acumen in technology throughout the school year. We have provided more than $4,000 in prizes to student winners of the 7th Grade Grant contest, which was incorporated into the curriculum in 2010.

Lastly, the Foundation also contributes time and money to supporting school and district-wide initiatives related to technology, such as Internet safety community discussions, the school security badge-maker, and other similar programs. 


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